the taste

Taste is what matters most. This is the main pillar of GreenK.

We believe that taste and quality must prevail. 

Our mission:

Find the best products from the best producers in the respect of the seasons, the terroir and the know-how.

We are keen to select all of our products:

Fruits and Vegetables - Meat - Cheese - Fish and Delicatessen

With farmers and producers conscientious and respectful of their earth in order to offer you the best products at the best moment of their seasonality.

Taking care of everyday issues and always going one step further is our way of preparing the future.


In our experience people are increasingly concerned about the origins and the quality of fresh food.

Intensive agriculture and widespread use of pesticides in fields and antibiotics in farm animals constitute a very real health preoccupation for discerning consumers.

GreenK endeavours to source fresh fine foods and to be proactive in the face of the challenges presented by a health-conscious clientele. 

As company owner, with my team and network of experts, I have brought under the same roof a fine choice of fruits & vegetables, seafood, meat & cheese. GreenK exports to premium retailers, food importers, hotels, restaurants and embassies. 

We would love to be able to share with you our vision of healthy gastronomy by inviting you to examine for yourself the fresh fine food GreenK supplies at the wholesale market in Rungis or directly at the farms and orchards of our select growers and farmers throughout France. 


David Kersaudy - Founder 

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GreenK Fine Foods

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